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    Focals are individual glass art pieces. Pictures are representative of the style; the individual piece you receive of similar style will not be identical to the picture. We would be delighted to discuss custom designs not shown here so please inquire. Thanks for looking! Banner picture at top of page - photography by Jerry Anthony, Utah. Focals photos below - photography by Steve Elphick, Toronto unless otherwise noted.

    If you have any doubts or concerns re the privacy of your information as provided to Paypal, or re the differences between US and Canadian privacy regulations, please use phone or fax ordering. For details on privacy and terms of sale see our policies: How to Order/Shipping/Privacy

    Sorry, the lampwork studio is currently under reconstruction, so we are unable to make any beads.  Many varieties are not available for now.  Please contact us to see if we have any that you like in stock.

    sea critter blue silver focal Orient rough seas
    Sea Critter Flat Focal
    (Various Colors)
    This color is Blue-Silver. Approx. 30mm.

    @ $45.00 CAD

    @ $38.25 USD

    Orient Flat Focal
    Almost black background with organic patterns painted in molten glass in ruby set on cream. Reminds me of oriental lacquer furniture. Bead approx. 35-40mm.

    @ $49.00 CAD

    @ $41.65 USD

    Aquatic Seas Flat Focal
    Abstract bead in sea colors with "waves" in silver and copper. Bead approx. 40mm.

    @ $49.00 CAD

    @ $41.65 USD

    cobalt petroglyph flat focal Seafoam Petroglyph flat focal sky blue flat focal
    Cobalt Petroglyph Flat Focal
    An ammonite-petroglyph style pattern in cobalt on a patterned metallic silver background. Approx. 40mm.

    @ $49.00 CAD

    @ $41.65 USD

    Seafoam Petroglyph Flat Focal
    An ammonite-petroglyph style pattern in seafoam-aqua on a patterned metallic silver background. Approx. 40mm.

    @ $49.00 CAD

    @ $41.65 USD

    Sky Blue Flat Focal
    Abstract bead in sky blue and blue-green colors with "waves" in silver. Bead approx. 40mm.

    @ $49.00 CAD

    @ $41.65 USD

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