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    Japanese Seed
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    Read Our Blog!
    Read Our Blog
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    NEWEST BEADS BLOG (Historical)!!!

    Now here (September 2010) - New! Tila beads from Miyuki! Little flat tiles with two parallel holes for all kinds of new looks and techniques - all colours! 6/0 Duracoat Metallics - all colours! Toho 12/0 3-cuts! More colours of Toho 15/0 Charlottes!

    June 2010 - New! Duracoat Metallics from Miyuki - the full range in 11/0 and 8/0 rounds! New threads - Miyuki thread (in colours not carried by Toho One-G); three new weights of CLon Bead Cord: Micro Cord (for bead crochet with 11/0s and 15/0s and fine micro-macrame and small-hole stringing); Tex 135 (mid-way between Bead Cord and Micro Cord); and Tex 400 (thick, for kumihimo, bead stringing, micro macrame). Long Magatamas and 1.8mm Cubes from Miyuki. Swarovski® pearls and selected Elements.

    May 2010 - New! You asked for more colours of 8/0 and 6/0, with the same colour numbers as the 11/0 rounds, and we've added a lot, especially frosted! Plus some new colours in various sizes and shapes. Being posted during May and June.

    October 2009 - New! Toho Charlottes 15/0! 1.5mm Cubes! More Toho triangles (11/0 and 8/0). Toho 15/0 rounds! More Delicas in 10/0 and 8/0! Toho Magatamas and Drops! And some Treasures (1.8mm - not quite same size as 11/0 Delicas - and 3.3mm - similar to 8/0 Delicas)!

    Feb. 14 2009 - many more 10/0 Delicas colours!! New 15/0 Toho colours!! New Toho 11 Triangle Colours! And several new colours in 6/0, 8/0 and 11/0 rounds.

    Added (June 30 2008) - all available colours of the brand-new 15/0 Delicas and 15/0 Hex Cut Delicas, just arrived from Japan and already posted on our website!

    Also just received: all available colours of the new Toho Permanently Galvanized 8/0 and 11/0 rounds, plus more Miyuki 6/0, 11/0 and 8/0 colours (metals and S/L matte) and 11/0 delica Hex Cuts being added to the site very soon.

    Just in and added - new Toho seed bead shipment (April 25/2008) - many new Toho Mixes, plus some 11/0 triangles, new colours in: 11/0 hex cut, 8/0 round, 8/0 hex cut and 4mm cubes... plus the new Toho One G Thread!

    More new goodies have been posted (April 5/2008)... More colours, especially of 15/0s and 11/0 Delicas (we now have all of the colours listed in Deeb's "Color Guide For Beaders"), more cubes and 8/0 Delicas and more...

    What We Sell
    We carry many seed bead colours in Delicas (8/0, 10/0, 11/0 and 15/0), 8/0, 6/0, 11/0 and 15/0 "rounds" and hex-cuts (plus some 15/0 Charlottes), 1.5mm, 3mm and 4mm cubes, drops and Magatamas, from Miyuki, Toho and Matsuno in our seed beads collection
    Plus most Swarovski® colours in 4mm 5301 bicones, plus some 3mm, other shapes and Elements!!
    We have all of the Delicas colours featured in Margie Deeb's wonderful book "Color Guide For Beaders" - and we have more Beading Books!!

    THREADS - We have all colours of One-G (Toho), Nymo B and C-Lon/Super-Lon D beading thread, plus for bead crochet C-Lon Bead Cord (like #18 Conso but more colours) and Conso #18 plus many colours of #8 Perle Cotton - and we now have Jeans Top-Stitching thread spools for bead crochet with 11/0s!! Plus Fireline®, non-tarnish wire, Artistic® wire, Parawire®, Czech pressed glass leaves and flowers, sterling silver findings, fresh-water pearls and more! If you don't see it on the site give us an email.

    This is the NLM Glass Arts Canadian-based e-Store, operating via internet, fax, email and phone (Contact Us).   We also sell at booths at selected shows (see our show schedule).   The e-Store accepts Paypal in Canadian $ and US $ via on-line Paypal shopping cart, and also accepts Visa and Mastercard directly by phone/fax in Canadian $ and US $, and American Express by phone/fax in Cdn $.
    Please do not email credit card numbers - use phone or fax to 1-866-311-1104 (voice and fax).

    We ship to Canada only at the present time.

    For details on Ordering and Shipping and for our Privacy Policy see our How to Order/Shipping/Privacy page.

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