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    Free Shipping Offer!!

    Free shipping is now offered on bead orders over $100 (goods amount before taxes) being shipped to a Canadian address.  Sorry, this offer does not apply to orders containing books or tools.  Free shipments are by expedited parcel or regular parcel via Canada Post at the base insurance rate.

    How To Order

    There are several ways to order from us: by credit cards on-line through the Paypal shopping cart (now available in Canadian $ and US $); and by American Express, Visa and Mastercard by phone or fax.

    For phone or fax orders please call 1-866-311-1104 during the hours of 10am - 7pm Eastern time, 7 days a week.

    Pay me securely with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card through PayPal!Visa ,MasterCard, Discover, and American Express

    Fax orders may print and use our convenient order form.  On fax orders please provide credit card number, expiry date, cardholder name and signature.

    On all shopping cart and fax orders, please provide your name, full mailing address and telephone number.

    Email - do not under any circumstances put credit card numbers into email messages! If you wish to send us order details via email do not include the credit card number in the email but call us at the phone/fax number above to provide the credit card information.  Our email address is

    Toll-free information number - call 1-866-311-1104.

    If you choose not to use the shopping cart but still wish to use Paypal, you can forward your order line items by phone/fax/email and pay via to in either US$ or Canadian $.

    If you choose to place your order by regular mail, please see our "Contact Us" Page.

    Multiple Currencies in Shopping Cart

    Paypal now allows multiple currencies.  We have set up the site so that you can order in either Canadian $ or US $, by selecting the desired currency or, if no currency has been selected, by pressing the appropriate Add to Cart button.  You select a currency using the drop-down list underneath the "View Cart" button at the top right of a page, then clicking the "Select" button.  Once you select a currency, the buttons for the other currency are removed (until you make a new currency selection).   Please note that you cannot mix two currencies in the same shopping cart (the Paypal cart screen will let you know what to do if you try).  However, you can, if you'd like, build and pay a cart in one currency, then build and pay a cart in the other currency!  Please note this adjustment will take us some programming time so not all screens may be dual currency yet - so please use another method above to order something in Cdn $ if it still has only a US $ button.

    Specifying Quantities in Shopping Cart

    The Paypal shopping cart collects quantities on the shopping cart viewing page, after Add to Cart is pressed for an item.  For example, to order 3 Vermeil Toggle Clasps from our Clasps page, push the Add to Cart button on the row for that item, then when the Paypal shopping cart window comes up, change the Quantity (first field) on the row for that item to 3.  All quantities on the shopping cart default to 1 unless you change them on the shopping cart screen.

    Colors and Sizes on Shopping Cart

    Some items require selection of a color or size.  Just select the color or size from the drop-down list or radio buttons before pushing the Add to Cart button on that line.  If you want several colors of the same item, just select color and Add to Cart for each color desired.  See the preceding paragraph for ordering quantities of the same color/size.

    Canadian Taxes and Shipping and the Shopping Cart

    The Paypal shopping cart now calculates appropriate taxes and charges approximate shipping for Canadian customers.  Shipping costs can only be calculated manually so the shopping cart shipping cost is a blanket guesstimate - further charges may apply depending on order size and weight.  Any over-charges will be refunded at time of shipping.  For customers in BC, ON, NB, NL, and NS the tax will be calculated at the local HST rate.  For all other provinces the tax will be at the GST rate.  We will send you a Paypal invoice for any outstanding amounts if your address indicates you are subject to them.  On phone or fax orders we will include appropriate HST, or GST and shipping in the total order.

    Shipping, US/Intl Duties, Customs, Brokerage, Returns, Conditions of Sale


    We ship from Canada. We bill the actual shipping costs plus a small handling fee on each shipment.  We default to insured small packet air mail for beads/findings/pearls, expedited parcel insured surface mail for all other items except large equipment which is shipped by UPS or SameDay from Toronto; we can ship any items by UPS, Fedex or Purolator on customer request but significant additional charges will apply.  Please let us know your shipping preferences at time of ordering if different from our defaults.  We reserve the right to insist on expedited or courier shipment for your first order with us, or on large $ orders, as a requirement of our credit card clearing services.

    Please provide your phone number on all orders so that we can confirm shipping charges with you.

    Paypal shopping cart users note: actual shipping charges may vary from those the cart is able to calculate - we will invoice you for the difference if any or refund excess shipping paid if applicable, via Paypal.

    Insurance claims are settled by Canada Post.  We are not responsible for any lost or damaged shipments if Canada Post declines the claim or if a buyer chooses not to buy insurance.

    US/Intl Duties, Customs, Brokerage

    US and Intl customers note: you can be charged duty by your government's Customs on some items (glass and freshwater pearls are usually exempt from duties between Canada and US).  These customs charges would typically be billed to you directly/COD by your government's Customs department (usually on mail shipments) or by the courier company.  To identify these duties and customs charges please check with your country's Customs web site/phone before buying.  Brokerage fees are usually charged to you by courier companies (such as UPS) for taking goods across international borders on your behalf; these fees are not included in our shipping charges but would be billed to you upon delivery.  If not paid by you, these various fees can result in your order not being received; we are not responsible if that occurs.


    No returns on threads.  All returns subject to 15% restocking fee.  All returns must be preauthorized by us by phone before you ship anything to us.  You must notify us immediately (on the day of receipt of shipment) of any shipping damage.  Customer pays shipping on all returns.

    Conditions of Sale

    By ordering from NLM Glass Arts you agree that NLM Glass Arts shall not be liable for any damages of any kind or other costs or charges whatsoever arising from the purchase, receipt, handling, installation, set-up, use or other application of the products purchased.  NLM Glass Arts/NLM Systems Inc.'s total liability and your exclusive remedy is limited to the amount you paid us for the goods purchased.  It is your responsibility solely to ensure you have adequate training and experience to set-up, install, handle and use the goods purchased from us, and that you have and use adequate safety equipment from other third parties in conjunction with use of those goods.  All products are sold for use by adults only and are not intended for use by children.

    All items subject to availability; if an item is no longer available or is backordered we will let you know and delete the item from your order.  We do not maintain open backorders at this time.  Prices are subject to change without notice.


    By placing an order with us, you consent to our privacy policy; and if choosing to use the shopping cart, you consent to the privacy policy of Paypal (a US company). Our privacy policy is that we do not share (or give, loan, rent, sell) your personal information with anyone, nor use it for any purpose ourselves other than to complete your order and as part of our financial records as required by Ontario and federal Canadian law.  We store your name and address on invoices in our accounting system history to support which taxes we collected from you; if you use phone or fax ordering, we also store your credit card information off-line; these history records are not shared with anyone except government or our merchant bank on request as per tax laws and banking laws governing record keeping.  If you have consented to give us your email address for our mailing list, that information is not shared with anyone else (person or business) but is only used by us for the purpose to which you consented, which is to notify you of NLM Glass Arts' upcoming sales and shows in which we participate or which we promote.  It is important for you to understand that no personally identifiable information can be captured or retrieved by our website unless you directly volunteer it to us or to Paypal.  When you access our web site, our server cannot identify "where you're from," nor are we able to identify "who you are." Our website does not passively collect any information, particularly your e-mail address, and does not use "cookies" for storing or collecting any information, except for the shopping cart which operates under Paypal's privacy policy and does use cookies to store the items you have chosen to add to your cart.

    Please be aware if you choose to use our shopping cart that you are using the Paypal system, which is operated by a US company controlled by eBay and thus is not governed by Canadian regulations.  Paypal has its own privacy policy available on its website at ; you must consent and agree with that Paypal privacy policy as part of your agreement with Paypal before you can use their services.  If you use the shopping cart, Paypal sends your email address, name, shipping address and order details, but no credit card information, to us via unencrypted email.  Paypal does not share your credit card information with us; any payments to us through Paypal are negotiated between yourself and Paypal, and the funds are put into our Paypal account.

    If you have any doubts or concerns re the privacy of your information as provided to Paypal, or re the differences between US and Canadian privacy regulations, please do not use the shopping cart but instead use phone or fax ordering.  If you have any questions about our privacy policies or the information we retain, please contact us by phone at the number listed at the top of this web page.

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